• Organic tomato seeds grow to a short-lived aromatic perennial with variably pinnate leaves and small yellow flowers. Berry-type fruits vary in color, shape, size and flavor. Colors can vary from white to pale pink, red, yellow, purples, and even black. Tomatoes grow to 15-80 inches (0.4-2 m) in height. Tomatoes are members of the nightshade family (Solanaceae) with eggplant, chili pepper and potato also in that family. The biodegradable capsules contain non-GMO, certified organic seeds inside a mineral growth medium.
  • A raw or cooked tomato is one of the most widely used and versatile foods. Tomatoes are popular ingredients in salads, appetizers, sandwiches and pastas. Versatility of cooked tomatoes is endless. Tomatoes are also the basic ingredient in ratatouille, pizza, gazpacho and caponata. Tomatoes figure prominently in cuisines of Italy, Provence, Greece, Mexico and Spain.
  • Our certified organic seeds are harvested from plants grown without synthetic fertilizers, insecticides, plant hormones or pesticides. Seed growers in Main, USA strictly adhere to the USDA's National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) organic gardening practices to provide us with the highest quality seeds.
  • Wild tomatoes, like yellow cherry tomatoes, grow naturally in most parts of South America. When first introduced by Spanish settlers, the tomato was regarded by Europeans with considerable suspicion. Long considered poisonous, it was used mainly as an ornamental plant until the 18 th century. In Italy, tomatoes were used earlier, and are called pomodoro, meaning 'Golden apple'.
  • The tomato is an excellent source of vitamin C, A, E, potassium and folic acid. Tomatoes are well known for their antioxidant content, including their rich concentration of lycopene. Researches have recently found an important connection between lycopene, its antioxidant properties, and bone health. Tomatoes are also known to cleanse the body of toxins.