Designed To Fit In, Yet Stand Out 

The NATUFIA Kitchen Garden is designed to integrate into your kitchens much like a refrigerator or dishwasher through typical water and energy outlets. We developed a water pumping method that results in water cascading from the top of the system down to each cup, ensuring each plant receives the same amount of water and nutrients.


We are environmentally conscious with every part of packaging and choose only the safest and most sustainable options available. The biodegradable capsules were designed to leave as little byproduct as possible. The special capsule material and the mineral growth medium inside are safe to dispose and discard after use.

Many design hours went into the App development – from how it easily integrates with the NATUFIA Seed Shop—to how it puts total control of the machine at your fingertips. The App feature of the machine is designed to make growing fresh food, simple. Place orders, monitor growth cycle, adjust watering settings, and more.

The NATUFIA ceramic cups and micro green plates are made in a factory that produced ceramics since 1720 for Russian nobility. These handmade works of art are not only beautiful to look at but also poreless which helps to minimize bacteria so the plants healthy.The water cascades down every 4 hours, although the time can vary based on user preferences.