Distribution and Retail







The relationship between a manufacturer and its distributors / retailers is demanding on both sides. On one side there is product and support reliability. On the other exclusive service and after-sales services is the imperative for a successful relationship where the client is the prime beneficiary 



Natufia Labs is slowly but surely handpicking its retail and distribution partners around the world. All are imperatively associated with selective and highly proficient after-sales services to guarantee durability, enjoyment and trouble-free experiences to our customers around the world.


Interested to join as a retail distribution partner at your location?

Contact us: sales@natufia.com


Bulthaup Raspail

Bulthaup Raspail is one of the leading luxury kitchen showrooms in Paris and part of a company that owns three of the four Bulthaup stores in Paris. The Natufia Kitchen Garden is on display and on sale there, surrounded by top quality Bulthaup service, after sales services and one of the most professional luxury kitchen design teams in France.