Distribution and Retail

The Natufia Kitchen Garden is currently available in 6 countries around the world.




The relationship between Natufia Labs and its distributors / retailers is demanding on both sides. On one side there is product, product integration into high end kitchens following clients wishes with emphasis on technical support reliability. On the other side, there are exclusive service and after-sales services from Natufia Labs. It is the combination of both that determines he imperative for a successful relationship where the client is the prime beneficiary.






Interested to join as a retail distribution partner at your location?

Natufia Labs is growing fast and is offering very advantageous commercial conditions, showroom machines, photoshop lab support to a selection of exclusive showrooms with the talent and reputation of serving their clients well.

Country openings planned in 2019: 

USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland and more...

More info: sales[at]natufia.com