Distribution and Retail

"The relationship between Natufia Labs and its distributors / retailers is smooth but demanding on both sides. On one side (the designer / architect / retailor) there is design and product integration into high end kitchen designs following clients wishes. On the other side (Natufia), there is a high quality and high reliability product, but also exclusive installation and after-sales services. It is the combination of both that determines the factors of a successful relationship where the end-user is the prime beneficiary." Pierre Blime, Director of Sales @ Natufia Labs

Natufia Labs offers a constructive and very rewarding partnership system to its resellers around the world with a number of free supporting services, including referencing on our website and during interaction with clients who contact us, marketing support (brochures, social media and events), product integration photoshop lab, CAD files and the display of a Natufia Kitchen garden at showrooms. Contact us if you would like to receive the application to become a Natufia reselling partner: sales[at]natufia.com

We have two types of reselling partners:

List of reselling partners by country

(1) Preferred Partners with a Natufia Kitchen Garden with live plants on display in their showrooms.













(2) Certified Resellers are partners that do not have a Natufia Kitchen Garden in display in their showrooms, but that nevertheless have the knowledge and experience necessary to make a successful integration of the Natufia Kitchen garden to fit  in your architectural and design wishes