Set up and start using your NATUFIA Kitchen Garden

After setup — which your machine walks you through — you’re ready to start using your NATUFIA Kitchen Garden. It's an easy kitchen integration with a plumbing hook-up that's similar to your dishwasher and a simple internet connection via Wi-Fi & App. Once connected, order seed capsules & micro green packets, monitor your grow cycle, adjust watering settings, and more.

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It’s truly effortless gardening where no green thumb is needed.

Select a seed capsules to grow anything from Royal Basil to Curly Kale, or a seed packet of nutrient rich micro greens. You can order from your computer or from the Wi-Fi enabled touchscreen in the machine. Your delivery will arrive at your doorstep. All of our seeds are non-GMO, certified organic. The seeds are harvested from plants grown without synthetic fertilizers, insecticides, plant hormones or pesticides.

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Effortless gardening —place a seed capsule in the machine, and watch it grow.

Seeds germinate and grow inside a biodegradable capsule which is first placed in a nursery tray and then later transferred into the vertical garden. Once the produce is ready to harvest, simply cut the greens to make fresh salads, nutritious smoothies, or relaxing herbal tea. Through each step of the growing process, the seedlings and, later, plants are watered with nutrient-enriched water that is pH balanced.

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Give your plants the best possible start with help from smart technology.

Wi-Fi capability allows you to monitor your garden from a smartphone, computer or tablet to ensure the farm’s operating correctly. The atmosphere is controlled by smart sensors for temperature and humidity balance as well as the nutrients and pH levels of the water. The garden is illuminated with cool to touch LED lights – the 24-hour operation that accelerates plant growth with minimal power requirements.

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