Better for the environment

Unfortunately, those living in cities or in climates that make gardening unsustainable are forced to have all of their food imported. NATUFIA seeks to bring herbs and vegetables as close to consumer’s consumption as possible. By Growing your own produce at home, you can help eliminate the negative environmental impact associated with food shipment, pesticides use, and pollution from modern agriculture.

The choices…and a better taste

You can grow a wide variety of salads, herbs, vegetables, flowers and micro greens. Grow Sweet Basil for your pizza toppings or try something new like a Mizuna salad. It will be the most flavorful part of your dinner –since you just picked it a minute before plating. The best part is that it is GMO-free and grown without pesticides.

It’s simple to use

Our machine does all of the work – a fresh salad without the messy soil in the garden—grown in your kitchen. NATUFIA automatically controls feeding, watering and light cycles—all you do is pick the seed pods, place it in a nursery tray, and then later transferred into the vertical garden. The fully automated process nurtures your plants to full maturity.

Low cost for you, made for restaurants

Beyond just the home kitchen. NATUFIA was created to produce food in a financial logic. Restaurants that are growing micro greens and fresh herbs will widely cut expenses due to high costs of transportation and will eliminate spoiled and unused food waste – saving money and environment.