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Designing with the Natufia Kitchen Garden

Natufia at Design Kitchen


The work of designers is exciting but challenging, especially when it’s time to integrate a product as new and as innovative as the Natufia Kitchen Garden. It requires vision, integration and a full optimization of a kitchen’s ergonomics. The objective of this page is simply to provide designers with the inspiration and the tools to master the integration of the Natufia Kitchen Garden in kitchens of excellence.

For this purpose we are able to provide you with:

  • A downloadable CAD-driven file that includes all the key data and measurements to integrate the Natufia KG in your plans
  • The downloadable Technical Specification Sheet for the Natufia Kitchen Garden
  • A series of inspiring pictures of successful integrations from our main design partners
  • A dedicated team of marketers and engineers ready to assist you in your proceeds and answer your specific questions

Download the CAD File (to be published in February 2018)

Download the Technical Specification Sheet here (pdf)


Examples of successful integrations:

Natufia at Bulthaup kitchen

Natufia Kitchen Garden @Bulthaup Raspail


Natufia at Bulthaup kitchen 2

Natufia Kitchen Garden @Bulthaup


Natufia at Veronna Kitchen

Natufia Kitchen Garden @Varenna  

Contact, questions, assistance with your design and integration:

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