• Organic marjoram seeds grow into a powerfully aromatic herb with small oval leaves, square stems and tiny white or pale purple flowers. Marjoram, a member of mint family is a tender perennial herb 12-20 inch (30-50 cm) in height. Marjoram is very similar to oregano, but it has finer texture and milder flavor. Pleasant sweet-spicy scent and slightly minty, citrus taste.  The Seed Pods contain non-GMO, certified organic seeds inside a mineral growth medium.
  • Marjoram's flavor also works well with cheese, tomato, bean or egg dishes. Marjoram is most often used in recipes of French or English origin, whereas oregano's more robust flavor is often called for in the recipes of Italian, Greek, North African and Mexican cuisines. Marjoram leaves are best used fresh, as their flavor is sweeter and milder. For this reason, it is also best to add them at the last moment when you use them for cooking.
  • This popular garden plant has a very long history as culinary and medicinal herb. In ancient Egypt, marjoram was used in healing headaches, disinfecting wounds, and preserving food. The Greeks called marjoram ‘joy of the mountain’ and used it to make garlands for weddings.
  • Marjoram is an excellent source of vitamin A, iron and calcium. Marjoram is mainly used as a culinary herb, but is rich in flavonoids and essential oil, notably thymol, which has medicinal applications. This aromatic plant is used to stimulate digestion and improve appetite.
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