• Organic seeds become a graceful plant with feathery soft leaves. Dill (Anethum graveolens), a member of the carrot family, is the sole species of the genus Anethum. This slender aromatic herb grows 18-39 inches (45-100 cm) in height. The wonderful aroma and unique, refreshing taste makes dill an excellent choice for savory dishes. The biodegradable Seed Pods contain non-GMO, certified organic seeds inside a mineral growth medium.
  • The fresh dill is exceptional with vegetables, fish and mustard based dressings or sauces. This aromatic herb is irreplaceable to pickling cucumbers. Dill enhances the flavors of a dish as well as compliments other herbs when combined. Dill’s more subtle tasting leaves should never be boiled, even when dried, as they will lose their flavor. Better to add them at the end of the cooking process.
  • Dill is native to southwestern Asia and an established herb in many parts of Eurasia and North America. The world ‘dill’ is derived from the Old Norse (a North Germanic language that was spoken in the 9th to 13th century) word ‘dylla’ or 'dilla' meaning to lull, sing a lullaby, to sooth children –indicating the soothing and calming effect of dill. Many parts of the world have believed in protective powers of dill. In the Middle Ages, dill was one of the herb used by magicians in their spells and charms against witchcraft. Those who were troubled by witches or nightmares, a cure could be found by placing dill seeds under the casualty’s pillow.
  • Dill is an excellent source of vitamin C, B group, calcium, iron and magnesium. Dill has a very long history in the use of herbal medicine. The leaves and seeds of dill contain the carvone-rich essential oil that is traditionally used to treat digestive disorders. Dill is also a useful to treat cough, cold and flu. Dill’s beneficial effects are extraordinary wide—it can be at the same time a stimulant, boosting your energy and a sedative, improving your sleep.
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