Historical time for the Natufia Kitchen Garden at the 2018 Tallinn Food Fair

October 29, 2018

The paradox has been resolved at last!

Despite its clear success in countries such as the UK, France, Germany, Italy and the United Arab Emirates, the Natufia Kitchen Garden had in fact never been really showcased in its own home turf of Estonia...

Aside seeing the Natufia Kitchen Garden as one of the fierce ambassador of Estonian technology on TV reports with ABC News, CNCBC, and just a few days ago again on France24, very few Estonians had the chance to see, try and taste the Natufia Kitchen Garden until now.

Thanks to our good friends at French Gourmand, one of the leading wholesellers of quality food to restaurants and delis in Estonia, the Natufia Kitchen Garden was shown to most of the leading Chefs and F&B Directors in the Baltic States during the three days of the Tallinn Food Fair. Aside from the emotional pride of each and every Estonian being in contact with the machine during the fair, the feedback and orders from professionals among whom top chefs in the region was most encouraging. The first machines in Estonian restaurants will be installed in December 2018. We expect the same in Latvia around the same time. There is already word that the machine could go soon Live on Latvian national television.



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